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Clarissa [userpic]
Reintroduction and question...
by Clarissa (freshwound)
at June 24th, 2008 (01:39 am)
current mood: determined

1) Your name and age: Clarissa, 23
2) Baby's date and time of birth: 09/23/05, 10:47am
3) Baby's name: Aiden
4) Baby's gender: Male
5) Baby's birth weight and length: 9.1 lbs., 21.5 in.
6) Are you married, single, or partnered? Married
7) What is one of your favorite things about being a mother? When my son reassures me that he'll be right back, right before he leaves to the store with Dad. It's one of the sweetest things. 

Somehow my son wound up co-sleeping in my bed with hubby and me. I would fall asleep with Aiden in his own bed, or lay with him until he fell asleep, but once he knew I wasn't there he'd sit up and cry for me. I need to buy a new baby monitor because the last one I had was a cheapy and broke. I guess it's my own fault that our sleeping arrangements are this way since being so tired and falling back to sleep with Aiden in his bed got him used to sleeping with me. Though, ever since he was an infant, he never fell asleep or fell back to sleep without my help, no matter how hard I tried. How do I get him back into his room and keep him there without the late night calls EVERY night? What will get him used to sleeping alone and trusting that I'm in the next room and that he's alright? What about when he's sick and wants me at his side at night? Should I take him to the living room with me to sleep?

Arg! What do I do? 

Please, help!

Thanks in advance.


Posted by: Sarah (lovee_and_war)
Posted at: June 24th, 2008 10:11 pm (UTC)

I went with that with my son also, I just slept on his floor for about a week (It was amazingly fun) until he could get used to his room, and his bed.. the next week he kept waking up and travelling into our room..I would just pick him up and put him back... after a week or two he was fine. He now walks in there to go to sleep, after a quick goodnight kiss from me & dad. haha. Its tough for a while, BUT SO WORTH IT! Hope I helped :)

Posted by: [she can do incredible things..] (silverxstarz)
Posted at: June 25th, 2008 02:50 am (UTC)

We're in the same boat, if it makes you feel better. Nicholas sleeps WITH us, and HATES his own bed. I keep trying to make the switch, but I always end up giving in. Good luck, Mama - I know how hard it is.

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