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Heather [userpic]
by Heather (mynamewastaken)
at September 22nd, 2008 (10:43 am)

Marissa turned 3 on the 9th. She's still a little one. She's around 30 pounds and 36 inches tall.

She's fully toilet trained,talking up a storm,starting to print letters.


I miss her long hair so much :( but she got it tangled so bad every night that her scalp had red marks all over it from us trying to brush it out.



Posted by: Beth (ewbass)
Posted at: September 22nd, 2008 10:37 pm (UTC)
cute mal

Mallory is about that size too. She is smaller than a lot of kids her age. I also miss her long hair, but sadly, she was given a one sided mullet by her 6 year old sister.

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