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Christine [userpic]
Aidan's speech update
by Christine (scrappy_mama)
at February 18th, 2008 (12:10 am)

We've finally had all the interviews and observations for early intervention and Aidan did qualify both for his expressive language as well as his gross motor skills.  His gross motor skills he was only a couple months behind in but it was just enough to qualify.  His expressive language, he was pretty far behind in - his score was <1%.  He has probably 20+ signs that he uses well and now he picks them up immediately when I do one, however his spoken vocab leaves a lot to be desired.  He really only had about 5 or 6 words when we started the process and now he's added a few more.  There's also been some other words that he used to say but has since stopped for no apparent reason.

We'll have one more appointment this week before he starts therapy.  This week the speech therapist will go over the plan of what we'll do and has asked me to come up with any other areas that we'd like help with (routines, etc...). 

Up until his 3rd birthday the therapy will be in home.  Once he turns three he'll have it done at one of the schools.  He also qualifies for some pre-school funding I guess.  I'll find out more about that as it gets closer to school time for him.

I'm glad that he'll be getting the therapy.  I've been so frustrated with his lack of language and I just kept hoping that one day he would decide to start trying but it didn't happen and I finally decided to find help.  It will be nice when he goes to pre-school, I'll be so glad to have time to myself for a couple hours.  Freedom! 

I still am a SAHM for the most part and some days it's so frustrating.  My husband and I have been through a lot the last 2+ years and I'm having a difficult time dealing with all of it so as a result I feel like a less than stellar mom some times.  Anyways, I'm really hopeful that once the therapy gets going that it will help me feel better about Aidan in this situation.  I just can't help but think that I done something wrong or was missing something that would have helped him along the way. 

Have any of you been through Early Intervention?  Or do any of you have kids that aren't talking/communicating as they should for their age?

Christine [userpic]
Update: Aidan
by Christine (scrappy_mama)
at February 7th, 2008 (12:26 am)

Favorite Activity:
likes climbing on me, playing hide and seek with daddy, helping me clean house

Favorite Book:
just about any book we read to him he likes, right now he's not showing a preference for any one in particular but he does seem to prefer Dr. Seuss and anything Elmo.  Actually he hasn't really wanted as many books read to him lately as he did a few months back.

Favorite Song:
Bobbie Sue from the Oak Ridge Boys and International Harvester from Craig  Morgan.  He only sings the repetition part of both of these songs but he's always wanting me to play them for him!

Favorite Food:
Smoothie for breakfast, granola bar for snack, will eat just about anything but not always when we want him to.  Like tonight at supper he didn't want chicken from his quesadilla but normally he'll eat it

Silly Quirks:
plays cute by laying his head on his shoulder, wanting all of his boo boos kissed

Naughty Habits:
pushes me and pulls on my clothes while I'm cooking, some screaming/outside voice when it's not appropriate, spitting food and drink on the floor - the pushing is the only one that's constant, the others are intermittent thankfully!

Latest Accomplishment:
Starting to copy some sounds and words but seems quite behind in a lot of speech development and some other skills like he doesn't jump, doesn't like to play with other kids - he prefers mom as a play mate.  He did nap in his own bed twice this week :-)  That's a first!

Any new members of the family? No, not right now. 

blah [userpic]
by blah (iamgeekgoddess)
at February 6th, 2008 (02:12 pm)

Favorite Activity:
Sophia- singing, dancing, loves little people and play house, books, coloring, eating colors. Counting to 10
Lucie - the helper, wants to help you do everything, coloring, does rescue scenarios with little people.

Favorite Book:
They like all the books. Lucie likes the ones you get to point and say the word.

Favorite Song:
Sophia- I love you and Mr Sun , from Barney
Lucie- doesn't like it when you sing.

Favorite Food:
Sophia- fruit and veggies
Lucie- Carbs and meat
they both love jello and yogurt, & raisins

Silly Quirks:
Sophia - Normal happy kid but never interacts or talks to you. Unless your singing or counting.
Lucie. - Seems to think she's the boss. Is cute sweet, adorable and knows how to use it...

Naughty Habits:
Lucie- is drama 24/7 cries for everything and tries to get away with everything too. I hope she realizes soon the I rule around these parts. I never cave. Jason and the kids give in to her and that really ticks me off.

Sophia- Nail bitter. food stealer.

Latest Accomplishment:
juice box with out squeezing the juice all over the place.

Any new members of the family?:no! 4 kids in enough thank you

Cassandra [userpic]
by Cassandra (taigerchily)
at February 6th, 2008 (02:51 pm)

Favorite Activity: to puzzle
Favorite Book: Hippiegschpängschtli
Favorite Song: Hippiegschpängschtli
Favorite Food: appels and cheese
Silly Quirks: she's running around, her arms swinging like a windmill, pretending to be a train
Naughty Habits: screaming, biting, beating
Latest Accomplishment: "cycling" with her running bike
Any new members of the family?: we're ttc
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Beth [userpic]
by Beth (ewbass)
at February 5th, 2008 (06:29 pm)

Favorite Activity: Playing mommy with her dolls
Favorite Book: Miss Spiders ABcs
Favourite Song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Happy Birthday to you.
Favorite Food: bananas and pasta
Silly Quirks: She changes clothes about 300 times a day and often wears two different shoes at the same time. She doesn't care if they are on the wrong feet or not...LOL
Naughty Habits: She is a little selfish, but we are working on it.
Latest Accomplishment: She talks like crazy.  She has been saying complete sentences forever and can effectively get her point across.  She can sing the ABC song and we are working on letter recognition.
Any new members of the family?: No way, no how.
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Bublik 64 [userpic]
Update on Ali
by Bublik 64 (bublik64)
at February 5th, 2008 (12:50 pm)
current mood: busy

Favorite Activity: Reading and singing songs

Favorite Book: Daniel Harms poems, Eduard Uspensky stories

Favorite Song: Crocodile Gena songs

Favorite Food: Hotdogs (no nitrate turkey)

Silly Quirks: Likes to sleep under two blankets and a thick comforter, even when wearing a sweatshirt.

Naughty Habits: When she's tired or hungry, will start crying about anything and everything (you picked up the paper on the floor, aaaaah!)

Latest Accomplishment: Learned to draw people - body, eyes, legs, arms in about the proper spots

Any new members of the family?: Yes! Brother Jason

Recent Picture(s):

At the aquarium

With new addition

Aaah! Chocolate!

things|left|unsaid [userpic]
by things|left|unsaid (broad_ways)
at February 5th, 2008 (12:59 pm)

Favorite Activity: playing dress up, cooking in her kitchen, playing with her big girl cousins
Favorite Book: novah loves all books. she has sooo many, i don't know if she actually has a favorite
Favourite Song: jesus loves me
Favorite Food: peanut butter sandwiches or pizza
Silly Quirks: novah dances like a crab, where she shakes her bottom and throws her arms out to the sides and makes a pinching gesture with her hands. while doing this, she says...."shake your bottom, shake your bottom".
Naughty Habits: her screaming fits when she doesn't get her way. we had one at the grocery store the other day. i just love how everyone stares at you while this occurs. it's so embarrassing!
Latest Accomplishment: we've been working on going potty and novah has been doing an awesome job these past few days! she's also learned how to drink out of a cup, although she still spills a little at times.
Any new members of the family?: a bun in the oven! 18 weeks today!!!

not the best picture, but i hardly have any new ones!!! how awful of me.

MamaCheshire [userpic]
by MamaCheshire (cheshire23)
at February 5th, 2008 (12:05 pm)

Favorite Activity: Drawing, or "Writing letters! Writing letters, Mama!"
Favorite Book: Are You My Mother? and A Hole Is To Dig.
Favourite Song: She loves just about anything by Great Big Sea.
Favorite Food: "I'd like a jelly sandwich! Peeeenbutter jelly sandwich!" - we get this demand at least once a day, sometimes twice.
Silly Quirks: She always wants lots of lights on. She says "I'd like a..." for food and "I need a..." for non-foods.
Naughty Habits: Screaming. She's stopped banging her head when frustrated but she will still kick - and she kicks HARD.
Latest Accomplishment: Said "I love Mommy!"
Any new members of the family?: Not yet. Currently "not preventing" so we'll see. A new one will come along whenever the time is right, I'm sure.

Christine [userpic]
by Christine (scrappy_mama)
at January 18th, 2008 (01:29 am)

Aidan is doing well.  He's growing!  He must be having a growth spurt - he's been eating A LOT lately.   I can't seem to give him enough to eat some days.  A couple days ago he ate breakfast and 20 minutes later he was asking for something more to eat and he kept on eating that.  Amazing!

I was going to post pictures but I'm having trouble with Flickr so go check out my other blog where I post all his pictures, it's http://grossobaby.blogspot.com

I scheduled a screening for hearing with out school district the other day.  The lady came to our house and asked a lot of questions and dis some observation.  Developmentally he's where he should be.  His listening is good but his speech is a few months behind.  He's using his signs well although I wish I knew more to teach him.  He picks them up immediately now so that would be a great way to increase his speech but his spoken vocabulary is pretty small.   We go in for an appointment in a couple weeks to have an actual hearing test done on him.  Depending on the total results of both of these things will determine if he qualifies for therapy through the school district.  If he doesn't qualify through the district we may be able to get out insurance to pay for it.

I know it seems like every time I post in here it's because I'm having a problem with Aidan so I want to apologize for that and thank everyone for their support.  My husband and I are still having issues and it makes it difficult for me to parent as well as I want to sometimes.  Anyways, that's enough of my public service announcement.

Aidan is learning all kinds of new things.  He likes to climb on chairs and the kitchen table.  He loves to get piggy back rides and to climb all over us when we're on the floor.  It's just so fun to watch him develop into a young boy.

Clarissa [userpic]
by Clarissa (freshwound)
at November 3rd, 2007 (11:09 am)

current mood: okay

Hello ladies! I'm new to the community.

1) Your name and age: Clarissa, 22
2) Baby's date and time of birth: 09/23/05 @ 10:47am
3) Baby's name: Aiden Isaiah
4) Baby's gender: Male
5) Baby's birth weight and length: 9lbs. 1oz. & 21.5in.
6) Are you married, single, or partnered? Married
7) What did you love the most about being pregnant? Just knowing there was another life inside of me.
8) What is one of your favorite things about being a mother? Watching every milestone my son goes through.

This is Aiden at 3mos. old...

Pic 1

Pic 2