Connor Quinn!

It would be nice to see this community active again. I remember when we were all in the pregnant community and just bursting with excitement for our little ones to be born. I can't believe it's been 6 years already!

Connor turns six on the 15th. He'll be starting kindergarten (I just filled out the poll from last year not realizing the date was 2010. Oops.) Up until this summer he's been in an excellent daycare facility that's also a school. They care for children infants to third grade. He's been one of the smartest in his class hands down every year. He's also super friendly and gets along really well with everyone.

His dad and I just got married last August (we've been married for a year now, together almost 7 years total?) The picture is from our wedding. Connor wanted to carry flowers, so I made him a bouquet and attached some rings. 

How are all of you doing? How are your little ones? Has anyone had any more munchkins? Trying? Considering?

We're trying for number 2. Connor has requested a sister on many many occasions.


our babies are FIVE!

hey everyone!

i NEVER use livejournal anymore, but with our little ones 5th birthday's right around the corner.....i thought i would come and say hello! so hard to believe that our little ones are all going to school soon!!

hope everyone is doing well.

Novah June turns 5 tomorrow!!

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Anybody still around?

Anyways, I was wondering what you all are doing with your September babies as far as school goes.

Here in Omaha, the cut-off for kindergarten is October 15. So Zoe will be able to start this year. We've done her paperwork, but we're still up in the air as far as starting her now, or waiting until next year.

I thought this would be a good place to ask since we all have fall babies and may be in similar situations. Any and all input is greatly appreciated.
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This is an awesome group. I've been reading over some of the posts (wish I had time to sift through them all...but kids come first, lol), and it's great to connect with parents of similar-aged kids.

My name is Jamie, and I'm a 28 y.o. stay-at-home mom of 5 kids...age 6 and under. My daughter (for whom I joined this group!) was born on the 27th of September, 2005, and will be 3 in less than two weeks.

My other daughter (I have two of them, and three sons) is turning 7 on October 2nd, so we're having a joint party for them this weekend (20th) for the family to attend. :)
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Reintroduction and question...

1) Your name and age: Clarissa, 23
2) Baby's date and time of birth: 09/23/05, 10:47am
3) Baby's name: Aiden
4) Baby's gender: Male
5) Baby's birth weight and length: 9.1 lbs., 21.5 in.
6) Are you married, single, or partnered? Married
7) What is one of your favorite things about being a mother? When my son reassures me that he'll be right back, right before he leaves to the store with Dad. It's one of the sweetest things. 

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I was just wondering if anyone knew how long it takes for your babies eyes to change color. Olivia's (my 2 month old) are still dark blue. I wish I could remember how long it took for my first daughter's(savannah's) eyes to change.
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potty stuff

 This may seem sort of random, but if you are (or when you were) potty training, where did you put the potty?  I know the bathroom is the obvious answer, but here's the issues.

1. We have a half bathroom in our room and only one shower in the main bathroom. So if the shower is in use- or that  main bathroom- we really can't get to the potty.

2.  Said bathroom is just down the hall from the living room/ kitchen, so if she has to go after she goes to bed, then she of course wants to go back in the living room and we have to go through the whole bedtime routine again. 

3. On a related note, What do you do about those after bed calls to use the bathroom? Not middle of the night, but in the first half hour or so during that "I need a drink of water,"etc. stalling time.  Usually she will go just a bit, so I thinkshe does have to go, but I think it's also in part a ploy to not go to bed.  The other night she went four times, but just a few drops each time. I almost think she is holding it in so she can get back up again.  Thoughts on this?  Am I giving too much credit to the manipulative ability of a 2 1/2 year old?  (Is that possible??

So, where do you place your potty?  And what about the after bed potty requests? 


could you do me a favor?

hey everyone.

i entered a contest where you knit for a tree. i knitted hats and hung them on the tree in hopes of people that are in need to take a free hat.....and if people had a hat they wanted to donate, they could hang it on the tree.

could you visit the following website and vote for my tree?! that would be awesome!

oh yes, and if i win i get $1000 to donate to a local charity!!!


thanks a bunch!!